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May 10, 2010

Katja B. – The “injurer pic”

Sometimes happen to come upon a “killer pic”: a wonderful, amazing, breathtaking shot – or even just… you know, you see something very charming and you can’t distract your mind from that. It may be the pic by itself, maybe the whole photo session; but sometimes the photo session or the single shot (especially if “killer”) have nothing to do with the model – and her other 10000 pics.
What to say about Katja? First thing I saw has been this

major fr

not really a killer pic, but… I’ve been kind of… well, I absolutely wanted to see more.


And the point is quite simple: is this girl another?! especially for her eye shape – actually: the thing I’m the less enthusiastic about this new face.

So, this face is really fresh, recent tests she did are encouraging


hope the best for her, but a little for my first (wrong) expectations, a little for objective (some face features; too much discontinuity shot quality; walk / “runway attitude”, but she can work on this for sure) factors - right now: is just wait and we’ll see (what we’re going to unpredictably see); btw with good optimism.