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May 10, 2010

AOB -just because of “an Anna Wint-something”-

Ok, I received a couple (well, more than a couple…) of mails about this:

Well, honestly mails have generally been positive about what I talked about (especially “the standard Nuremberg Trials justification"…) – but a particular phrase received “kind” complaints:

-are we talking about the same “adamant and immovable Italians” that changed their calendar just because of “an Anna Wint-something”?!!!-

Someone (few) had to disagree about the consideration about Italians; most about my “an Anna Wint-something”.
Really: no offence intended! It’s just that… in my opinion, the most you’re important, the most you should stay humble and… but you know, I really really had no intention to express any kind of judgment about her!

Actually, it was more a consideration about how much I didn’t like how Milan FW calendar has been changed – it’s about respect, correctness and first of all dignity. From my point of view to change the calendar and handle the question that way has been a huge mistake as a matter of principle.

And yes, compared to what Milan and its Fashion Week (should) represent, to fashion designers, all the people who work around the event (from top models to stylists to last guy of the crew), to fashion fans who attend the shows, well - Anna Wintour’s commitments are really commitments of “an Anna Wint-something”…