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May 24, 2010

++ Deimante A. – “Adorable, lovely, graceful”

If Deimante A. were a word, well, I guess… no, I guess she could not be A word. But if in a dictionary they had space to put a couple of pics of her, well, I guess in synonyms you’d find something like:
“Adorable, lovely, graceful”
And I forgot at lest 100 other words; and when there is plenty of words, you know, maybe it means you just can’t explain. And words by themselves are kind of inadequate.

fdib / tfs

Yes, she’s Lithuanian. And… no, not what I’d expect from a Lithuanian model; I mean, even from a model generally. And from a cute girl too; but – yes, this is one of those times when there is a “but”.

(here with Polina B., first from right – have an eye on her too…)

‘cause, if thinking there are tens of new “pretty faces” is soooo true, the point is about the “something more” you won’t probably find in the bunches of “pretty new faces” invading agencies (especially now).


Actually she’s not pure cuteness at all, she’s not a model with marked or very peculiar features, but… she's such a delicate beauty, her “doll lips” and her clean face are such a charming factor; and her adorable (no, not stunning, but adorable for sure) body presence just merely shown and revealed.

And from this point of view, what she did until now is quite disappointing; I mean, not talking about quantity (just remember: a lot of times modeling and getting booked here or there is a question of personal choices… I’ll never question or dispute about), but absolutely about quality.
If you think about a model, considerations like “her career’s going for good” or the opposite are kind of normal and right; but for a model to not have good chances to show her real potential, well, that’s a pity for sure. ‘cause you can like a model, maybe not, maybe WHATEVER, but a girl even if in few tests should have chances to show her best, her surprising potential (if she’s got); and about Deimante, well, for me, this still hasn’t happened - and even if she's not old enough to be definitely worried, well, she is not exactly a "new face" neither right now, not at all.

PS and for the record even in a not-so-much-old Vogue Italia scrapbook she looked good – but not good the way she could look (for me)…

vogue italia
(sorry for scan quality, but this is what I had…)