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May 14, 2010

? Patricija Z.

I actually think there is a very important introduction to do about this. I mean, you like me quite honest or not? Guess honest.

So: I received things like… well, about my “Lithuania (supposed-to-be very low) objectivity” - and this just wanted to prove the thing is not right; well, not at all.

o2w / baltic model lt

I absolutely had the chance to pick this or that nothing-special and absolutely mediocre Lithuanian model (even terrible if I wanted to exaggerate and be sure of the easy impact), but I told myself “No, it would be like taking candy from a baby“ (well, even if it’s not that much simple; I mean, babies don’t say goodbye to their candies so easily…). So, to show how much I’m still enough clever (well, wait: at least not completely stunned or “gone nuts” by my Lithuania liking and kind-of-infatuation/fascination) to be objective, I chose Patricija.
Because she’s pretty cute, a fine model after all, with some good moments and some a little bit less good

img fr

but… well, despite some few doubts about her, I have to say I’m not really sure about what to think.

baltic model lt / tfs

(sometimes she’s expressive just like Auguste A.… wait, I love Auguste, but I meant with a not so much positive connotation… not at all...)

baltic model lt

And believe me or not, maybe I think that just because from a Lithuanian model I expect great – or at least, maybe a little bit great-er then some other countries. Patricija is absolutely young (18) and a long future has to come, with good opportunities and nice expectations about her development; but right now, even if I find her pure cuteness, I have to say I’m not really convinced about an outstanding potential.