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May 26, 2010

+++ Monika J. @ Chanel Cruise – I absolutely had to counterbalance…

I absolutely had to counterbalance – counterbalance what? This:


Does this kind of thing make the happiness of her booker? Sure; is this pure enjoyment for a chartered accountant? No doubts, not at all.
But in this mad mad world, where I guess you know between a pic like that in this kind of adv campaign and a main magazine editorial there is a whoooole ocean of money (‘cause yep, beeing f.e. in a Vogue editorial is such an honour that money may be considered absolutely unnecessary…), I guess at least my considerations should be kind of pecuniary-free. And from this point of view, well, for me that shot is just dreadful. No explanations needed I guess – that’s (maybe) 1% of Monika’s amazing and breathtaking charm and grace.
So, remaining in the recent happenings and still talking about Chanel


yep... back to usual-Monika-pure-delight.

And I really loved ‘cause this is even kind of fresher then she usually looks on the catwalk… I mean, usually she’s stunning, at Chanel she’s been pure grace. A little bit more Monika J. – the 16 yo Polish girl. And, as the Beatles would say: “Well, I ask you very confidentially: ain’t she sweet?”.