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May 17, 2010

+ Diana B. – Good news, layout and paging

Have you ever seen something like this in the skies over your head?

bird migration by rachel figueroa-levin

Oh well, “modeling talking” - if you take a closer look to the sky, you’re going to see something very similar: in some particular seasons if you had some kind of very special and improbable skills (let’s pretend that’s possible… a faaat chance), you’d see skies full of young east-european girls flying through the clouds to reach London, Milan or Paris (well, let’s pretend they won’t go farther – like NY or Japan…). To do what? Build their book, create a convincing portfolio, see what kind of works they’d be able to do and get, have a “taste” of what model life is, and… but, step back: build their book.

I’m going to focus on this thing for sure in another occasion, but now let’s talk about Diana.

baltic model lt / tfs

She isn’t a “fresh traveler”, I mean, she isn’t a “current year first trip model”, and… a quick comparison with another Lithuanian girl: her name is Ligita U. (Baltic Model / Elite – like Diana) she’s such a different kind of model, tests completely focused on her strong points, and we should not be surprise to see her at Donna Models (Japan) too, ‘cause for her that’s the perfect and most “fitting” place to be.
For her, and, most important, for what came out from her portfolio building, that absolutely highlights on the pure cuteness and “clean face” (about features) model she is (note: Ligita).

Now - back to Diana.
So: models are like… like news. Yes, news. Sometimes there are long periods of mediocre and a little interesting news – and ok, trying to make them look bigger than they are would be ethically unfair. But, when in a stream of not-so-exciting-news (*cough* last Lithuanian models *cough*) you have a very interesting one, well – successful receipt of the news is a very important part of the whole thing. To not use the best layout and paging possible would be a real pity!

elite it

Diana is a model with good numbers (1.75 82-60-87) such a particular face, explosive attitude, and I really think she showed something like 10% of her real potential. So, she’s quite young (still not 17), and I’d really really like to tell you: KEEP AN EYE ON HER. ‘cause, talking about news, if you can have doubts about her being “front-page material”, she’s at least second page for sure. And, in a little more specific context, if you search in Lithuania for something better - for the kind of model she is and she could completely have the chance to show, well, it will be so hard to find something more convincing. And if you’ll find yourself surprised “by the news”, well, I’m sure will be definitely for good.