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May 21, 2010

+ Lisa B. – Wait… is she dutch?!!!

The day I noticed this girl I was watching for everything but her.

elite it

But, well, kind of hard to not notice her. She was in an old FW showcard at Beatrice Models (with Alexandrina T. – for the record there was Eniko too…), and despite she’s now with Elite and some time passed, well, I have to say that there have not been big news since then.

city models fr / elite it

Maybe she’s not perfect (especially for side-view pics – because of her kind of flat nose), but her face is really particular, and in a good way for sure.

elite it

Her silhouette is quite amazing, and if I have to admit her face is as interesting as peculiar and… well, not really “all-purpose” editorially talking, about her body presence I guess there is nothing to doubt about. So I think would be a little disappointing to not believe in her – and what has (hopefully) to come. If you look for a fresh and particular face, well, here she is – you’re gonna find few girls more interesting around (even if, I repeat: for the kind of model she is).

PS if I have to face my “Lithuanian fever” has personal reasons and I’m honest enough to admit that for sure, fresh “Dutch fever” (about models) is kind of… well, it’s not been a really intended thing, I’m just finding out models I’m liking the more lately are Dutch! And finding out Lisa is too has been really surprising ‘cause, if we ignore her surname, I’d think she was everything but Dutch…
I have to admit I’ve always been (since I was very little) a Netherlands national football team fan, but… maybe I’ll talk about that in next weeks: also because - World Cup is coming!
But, well… one thing is sure: GO NETHERLANDS! :)