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May 23, 2010

And came the day… :)

* Mails from fashion fans (and “national mafias”…) – received; and, for the record: I love you and your support. So happy you’re liking this, really… :* (kiss for girls…)

* Mails from agencies sending me materials about their girls – received

* Casting offices and generally “fashion business” mails – received; but these are the less exciting: I mean, not friendly and funny like fans / and not threatening like some agencies mail… haha luckily my cat still hasn’t been kidnapped… :)

* Mails from girls sending me pics asking if I can talk about them – received.


…a little lovely girl I personally know (and I personally a-d-o-r-e) wrote to “IS THIS IT?” mail address asking the author (ignoring who I am – and that we know each other very very well…) to write (something "possibly" positive) about her! hahahaa, so funny…
Btw I’ve been very very professional… and... ok, not true, not at all! I’m having so much fun kidding her… I know, I’m such a bad guy… :)